Denis Pushilin participates in presentation of “The Book of the Living: 2014-2016”

On September 16, in Donetsk, the presentation of an illustrated edition in Russian and English “The Books of the Living: 2014-2016” took place. The event was attended by the Vice-Commander of the DPR Defense Ministry’s corps, Eduard Basurin, and the Chairman of the DPR People’s Council, permanent representative of the DPR at the talks of the Contact group in Minsk Denis Pushilin.

Eduard Basurin demonstrated one of the copies of the book’s first edition and told about the project itself.

“We did not want the war, but the Kiev authorities decided differently. Therefore, we’re collecting information about war crimes that the Ukrainian party committed against the Donbass inhabitants. The war will end, but the crimes must not be forgotten. And this book is one of the documents that will remain in your memory. On its basis, those responsible for the death of the civilian population will be brought to justice for the tears of our mothers, fathers, and children. This is proof that it is impossible to hide the truth,” said the Vice-Commander.

Denis Pushilin, in turn, spoke about the evidence base gathered in the course of work on the project and stated his readiness to hand materials for the investigation of the Ukrainian military’s crimes.

“This book contains facts of the genocide of the Kiev authorities against the peaceful population of the Donbass. The collection embraces records and evidence of the regime crimes, which came to power as a result of the coup d’état in Kiev. The book also shows the consequences of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing 777, the investigation of which tragedy continues to this day by the International Investigation Team.

The DPR General Prosecutor’s Office pays special attention to this investigation. We have fragments of remains and debris of the plane, found at the tragedy site, which we are ready to hand over to initiate an investigation. Hopefully this will help establish the true culprits of the crime.

Unfortunately, the war is still going on, both servicemen and civilians are dying. During this time, many facts can be missed, and this book is designed to record the crimes until the end of the war,” Denis Pushilin said.

In addition, the authorized representative of the DPR expressed the intention to hand several copies of the book to the representatives of the OSCE and the Ukrainian party.

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