Denis Pushilin presents membership cars of “Donetsk Republic” public movement to employees of Yenakiyevo “Invest-trans” enterprise

On June 14, a solemn presentation of membership cards of public movement “Donetsk Republic” to personnel of “Invest-trans”, which had gone into receivership, took place in Yenakiyevo.

The event was attended by the Chairman of the DPR People’s Council and the Head of the Central Executive Committee of the public movement “Donetsk Republic” Denis Pushilin, the Head of the parliamentary faction “Donetsk Republic” Alexander Kostenko, deputies of the DPR People’s Council Vyacheslav Tikhonenkov and Yuri Pokintelitsa.

Denis Pushilin stressed the importance of the consolidation of society in an interview with the employees.

The public movement is guided by the principles of reciprocity, mutual understanding and unity. We do not have the right to give up, we have no right to surrender, because too much has already passed. If we are not united, if we do not stay our course, our children and our descendants will suffer from this…

Every citizen of the Republic, by his courage, his desire to develop and build our state, lays the foundation for the future of our homeland,ʺ the DPR parliamentarian speaker said.

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