Denis Pushilin: “Reintegration” law is another attempt to pull wool over people’s eyes (video)

The “Reintegration” law adopted in Ukraine can be called outrageous, as it is aimed at attracting attention of the international community to the Ukrainian subject, as well as to reduce domestic problems. It was stated by the Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Denis Pushilin in the “Sunday Night with Vladimir Solovyov” programme on “Russia-24” TV channel.

ʺWe see that four years of fakes in the information field is not enough for Ukrainian politicians. Russia as an ‘aggressor’ and ‘occupational administrations’ are not new concepts. This is it what we have been hearing from Ukraine for a long time. Now it is enshrined in the law and is, in fact, a recognition of the criminal actions of the Ukrainian authorities. Currently, they are trying to legitimize the use of army against civilian population, which is now kind of in conformity with the law.

It is hard to say that we underestimate this law, because Poroshenko and the AFU have free hand and how they intent to use it – time will tell. We are ready for anything. However, I would like to note that when the law was discussed in the Verkhovna Rada, we had agreed on the schedule of the Contact Group’s work for several months ahead. I think this law is another attempt to pull wool over people’s eyes. When this bill was adopted for the first time, it was a screen in order to prolong the Minsk agreements.

We have become accustomed to the fact that Ukraine commits meaningless and illogical acts. During this period of time, we have learned to make them work in our favour. Remember, for example, a traffic blockade. They said they would crush the Republic. We had to introduce an external management at enterprises in response. These enterprises work, jobs are saved and now they do not pay Ukraine a “war tax”, which is important,ʺ Denis Pushilin said.

The Speaker of the DPR Parliament noted that, in this way, Ukraine had pushed the Republic away, inhabitants of which were moving their way: the processes of real integration of Donbass into common cultural and sociocultural space with the Russian Federation are being strengthened within the framework of the Russian Centre.

ʺThe process of cultural integration of Donbass with Russia is a natural process. People cannot live in a vacuum. Ukraine already pushes Donbass away at the legislative level. Naturally, people look for interaction both in culture, sports, medicine, education, and at the level of trade unions. Ties are getting bigger and bigger. This is a positive signal for our citizens who are tired of all these events,ʺ Denis Pushilin emphasized.

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