Denis Pushilin: Representatives of OSCE SMM have no more privileges (video)

The Chairman of the DPR People’s Council, the permanent plenipotentiary representative of the DPR at negotiations in Minsk Denis Pushilin commented on the situation regarding the cancellation of the priority right of the OSCE SMM representatives to pass through border crossing checkpoints and roadblocks.

ʺThe actions of the OSCE SMM have recently become typical and, of course, they are extremely painful for us. There has been one-sided coverage of events, mostly in Ukraine’s favour. This ‘cup’ was overflowed last week. A number of statements made by some representatives of the Mission’s leadership, who are authorized to provide briefings on behalf of the OSCE SMM, have encouraged us to express our official position on the crossing of checkpoints and roadblocks. We did not restrict their movement, but did not intend to give the mission any privileges.

Last week, the OSCE SMM representatives with one of the leaders of the Monitoring Mission came under the Ukrainian armed forces’ shelling near the settlement of Vasilyevka. Moreover, the Ukrainian units attempted to intercept and take over the OSCE unmanned aerial vehicle. However, this violation did not elicit a proper response from the representatives of the Monitoring Mission.

Security measures have been taken on our part, as we have a concern for the lives of the Mission’s staff. Our actions are quite reasonable. The OSCE SMM officials were prevented from entering Novoazovsk due to the security measures, and almost instantly we saw the condemnation to our address by the OSCE SMM leadership. Such situations seem to be one-sided.

If there were a worthy alternative, we would probably think about the need for the presence of the OSCE SMM staff in our territory. But for the time being, their functions are regulated by a Set of Measures, moreover, our opponents are planning to replace the SMM with the United Nations peacekeepers,ʺ Denis Pushilin said.

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