Denis Pushilin’s statement about exchange of prisoners

On September 17, 2016, the exchange of prisoners took place between Donetsk and Kiev within the framework of Minsk Trilateral contact group’s work. The Donetsk People’s Republic handed allegedly an employee of the UN humanitarian mission in Ukraine, which gathered the intelligence information, to the Ukrainian side of the SSU colonel, Yuri Suprun. In exchange, 4 civilians were returned.

At the same time we would like to draw attention of such respected organization as the United Nations to the recruitment in its structural unit.

The SSU’s leadership, using the international organizations (UN, OSCE) as a cover, is taking measures for promoting current employees of intelligence organization, who participated in so-called “ATO” in Donbass, in mentioned structures.

The DPR law enforcement agencies obtained data about Yuri Suprun’s involvement in the organization of reconnaissance and subversion in the DPR’s territory, aimed at the destabilization of the situation in the DPR.

Besides that, we gathered testimonies that confirm the facts of Yuri Suprun’s participation in the interrogation under torture of 11 people, which were detained by the SSU in the DPR territory.

Such dishonest employees commit crimes and violate the international law under the name of international organizations, which, subsequently, adversely affect the reputation of this organization and do not correspond to the declared mandate. We voice hope and confidence that a more careful work in this direction will help to avoid such incidents in the future.

Denis Pushilin, the permanent plenipotentiary representative of the DPR in the Trilateral contact group on the negotiations in Minsk

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