Denis Pushilin’s statement in connection with new round of escalation of conflict in Donbass

At the last meeting in Minsk on the eve of the Easter holidays, an unstable situation on the contact line was discussed. We have submitted facts of violations of agreements on the part of the Ukrainian side and data on shelling of the territory of the Republic, confirmed by the reports of the OSCE SMM.

However, questions addressed to the OSCE SMM, both at a meeting in Minsk and earlier in official letters, regarding acts of aggression by the Ukrainian party, as a result of which civilians are suffering, homes and civil infrastructure objects are being destroyed, are still unanswered.

In particular, there is no understanding and transparency in identifying the perpetrators of the numerous shelling of the Yelenovka checkpoint, where people died, in the shelling of two schools in Dokuchayevsk during classes, in firing on a car delivering bread, in destroying a field ambulance that took a wounded soldier, and in a number of other consequences of shelling by the Kiev security officials.

One gets the impression that the Minsk agreements are expatiate upon and observed unilaterally. That the armistice and additional measures of its control, which are primarily necessary to protect the civilian population, are deliberately ignored by the Ukrainian party with the tacit consent of the Western curators of the Kiev authorities.

In just 12 days of the Easter truce, 8 civilians got wounds of varying severity and 40 house-building were damaged. The Ukrainian party completely ignores the resolution of the conflict in a peaceful and legal field: today’s unscrupulous bombardment is another proof of that.

The Ukrainian side openly shows by its actions that its goal is an escalation, and not the peaceful settlement of the military and political situation.

Let us emphasize that a new round of escalation of the conflict in the territory of the Donbass will inevitably lead to new destruction and casualties, including among civilians.

We regard such actions of the Ukrainian side as a provocation and deliberate disruption of the Easter truce.

In this regard, we sent a new note to the management of the OSCE SMM with the relevant data and the requirement to ensure transparency of the facts of the consequences of the grossest violation of the armistice and to assist in identifying the perpetrators.

Denis Pushilin, the Chairman of the DPR People’s Council, the Permanent Permanent Representative of the DPR at the talks of the Contact Group in Minsk

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