Denis Pushilin’s statement on introduction of ‘school truce’

In the context of the forthcoming start of the academic year, the Contact Group agreed and supported a stable and comprehensive truce on the contact line of the parties in the Donbass starting from 00 hours 01 minutes on August 29, 2018.

We hope that the renewed obligations of the parties to observe the regime of silence will, as before, contribute to strengthening stability in the Donbass and allow us to focus on resolving economic and political issues.

The Republics reaffirm their full commitment to an indefinite ceasefire in connection with the start of the academic year and are ready to do everything necessary to comply with the agreements reached. Children of the Donbass on both sides of the contact line should be able to go to school in peace and quiet.

Will the armed formations of the rest of Ukraine adhere to their obligations, time will tell. But in order for the updated armistice regime to be effective, the parties need to carry out a number of additional control measures proposed by the OSCE SMM, including:

  • a ban on shelling and fire, including a reprisal one, especially in the direction of and from settlements;
  • publication of relevant ceasefire orders and bringing them to the attention of the military at all levels, as well as to the general public;
  • prohibition of any offensive and reconnaissance actions and sniper shooting;
  • a ban on placing heavy weapons in populated areas, as well as targeted bombardment of civil infrastructure, including schools, kindergartens, and hospitals;
  • taking appropriate measures to address violations of the ceasefire, effective enforcement of strict disciplinary measures against violators;
  • secure access for the OSCE SMM.

Without these measures, it is hardly possible to achieve a full ceasefire on the contact line.

Denis Pushilin, Chairman of the DPR People’s Council, Permanent Representative of the DPR to the negotiations of the Contact Group in Minsk

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