Denis Pushilin’s statement on need to take additional measures by Contact Group to control truce

Cynical shelling, which took place on July 7, of the crop fields of the Donetsk People’s Republic located near the line of contact with incendiary shells resulted in the outbreak of fires. Therefore, 120 hectares of wheat were destroyed intentionally. This is another war crime committed by the AFU after the entry into force of a ceasefire regime dedicated to a harvesting season in Donbass. But the worst part is that not a single Ukrainian military man will be held accountable for the destruction of crops.

Given the dynamics of ceasefire violations, as well as the lack of any measures for the compliance with the ceasefire regime, we have insisted and will continue to insist on the adoption of a document with an updated list of additional measures in order to control truce by the Contact Group. A real ceasefire on the line of contact can be guaranteed only if a number of conditions are met: the publication of ceasefire orders and bringing them to the attention at all levels, introduction of a ban on any offensive actions, reconnaissance and sniper shooting, a ban on shelling and direct fire, including retaliation fire, especially in the direction and from the direction of human settlements, a ban on the deployment of heavy weapons in human settlements, as well as shelling of civilian infrastructure, including schools, kindergartens and hospitals, effective application of disciplinary measures, which are underpinned by taking appropriate actions, against violators and ensuring secure access for the OSCE SMM. It is difficult to talk about peace on the front line and full observance of the truce without the implementation of these measures.

Denis Pushilin, the Chairman of the DPR People’s Council, the Permanent Plenipotentiary Representative of the DPR in the Contact Group’s negotiations in Minsk

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