Denis Pushilin speaks about results of negotiations in Minsk (video)

Ukraine continues sabotaging the negotiation process in Minsk, Denis Pushilin, the Chairman of the People’s Council of the Donetsk People’s Republic, stated in the programme “Parliamentary Herald” on the First Republican TV Channel.

According to the Speaker of the DPR Parliament, the Ukrainian side demonstrates that it does not intend to fulfill its obligations.

“At meetings of the Contact group, at the meetings of the subgroups, we record the fact that Ukraine is working on delaying the time. And we see that it is not ready to withdraw from the Minsk agreements – for the country, this will be the final collapse, because then it will lose the support of its Western partners. Representatives of Ukraine in this situation are forced to do something to ensure that the talks continue, but nothing should be done. We fully understand and are aware of this.

For our part, we are doing everything to resolve the conflict in a political way. However, one must draw the line somewhere, there is a limit to everything. We are still appealing to the countries-guarantor of the Minsk agreements to put pressure on certain issues.

We do not intend to quit the Minsk agreements. It would be a gift for Ukraine if we went for such a step. We are doing everything possible to resolve the conflict on this platform.

Meanwhile, the formation of the Republic continues, we are increasingly gaining statehood, our authorities are becoming more professional. And if you compare it with what was in the 2014, 15th, 16th, the difference is enormous,” Denis Pushilin said.

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