Denis Pushilin summarizes interim results of People’s Council’s work during spring session

On May 26, a press conference of the Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Denis Pushilin was held at the Donetsk News Agency, which was dedicated to summation of the interim results of the parliament’s work during spring session of 2017, the activities of the “Donetsk Republic” public movement and the recent meeting of the Contact Group in Minsk.

At the press conference, Denis Pushilin stressed that the Parliament was predominantly working to improve the Republic’s existing legislation during the spring session.

ʺWith regard to the work of the People’s Council, parliamentarians prepared 106 draft regulations and 104 of them were adopted. 38 bills were registered, 13 of which were key ones, 25 were related to amendments and 29 were adopted. 10 regular plenary meetings, two special extraordinary and two emergency meetings were held.

It is worth noting that during the spring session of 2017, the People’s Council was predominantly working to improve legislation. Many laws such as the law on tax system, the workers’ compensation law, the law on customs regulation in the Donetsk People’s Republic and the law on the media have been adapted to existing realities. I also wish to highlight the drafting and adoption of the law on the national anthem of the Donetsk People’s Republic”,ʺ the parliamentary speaker said.

According to Denis Pushilin, the parliamentarians have been active in cooperating with representatives of the relevant ministries and departments throughout the reporting period.

ʺIt is important to understand that the work of many industries is governed not only by the laws of the Donetsk People’s Republic, but also by the normative legal acts. Due to a well-established mechanism of interaction between the legislative and executive branches, on the margins of the meetings of the Committees of the People’s Council, parliamentarians together with representatives of the line ministries and departments, decide on the advisability of regulating of activities by the by-laws regulatory legal enactments and not by separate laws at this stage of state-building,ʺ the Chairman of the People’s Council said.

Denis Pushilin also mentioned social actions and projects supported by the parliamentarians.

ʺDuring the spring session of 2017, social projects and events such as “The Book of Remembrance: War through the eyes of children”, “Caring”, “Russians jogs” with the support of deputies of the DPR People’s Council continue to work. Cultural, recreational, sports and creative activities are organized for young people on a regular basis — trips to a water parks, botanic gardens, museums, theatres and cinemas, civic classes and clean-up events are conducted as well,ʺ the speaker said.

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