Denis Pushilin suspends mandate

On September 14, according to the agenda of a plenary meeting, the DPR People’s Council adopted a decree on the premature termination of the powers of the DPR People’s Council’s deputy of the first convocation from the “Donetsk Republic” faction Denis Pushilin upon a written application on the suspension of mandate.

The decree comes into force on the day of its adoption.

It should be noted that, according to Article 59, chapter 1 of the Regulations of the People’s Council, the Deputy Chairman of the DPR People’s Council substitutes the Chairman of the DPR People’s Council in case of absence or temporary impossibility to perform duties.

It should be noted that the People’s Council adopted a decree on the appointment of Denis Pushilin to the post of the Acting Head of the DPR and he made personnel changes in the Council of Ministers on the same day. The first session of the new government was chaired by Denis Pushilin. According to the press service of the Council of Ministers, the Acting Head of the DPR entrusted the Heads of the Ministries with a task to pay increased attention to solving problematic issues related to social and economic development of the Republic. The improvement of budget process, removal of obstacles to the efficient operation of an agro-industrial complex, optimization of the functioning of the Republic’s transport system, abolition of customs barriers, development of trade and economic cooperation and industrial cooperation with the LPR, as well as addressing the issues related to state security and education sector are among the priorities.

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