Denis Pushilin takes part in live broadcast on Russian Fifth channel

On October 19, the permanent plenipotentiary representative of the DPR in the Contact group at negotiations in Minsk and the Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Denis Pushilin took part in the “Open Studio” TV programme on the Russian Fifth channel.

Denis Pushilin commented on the preliminary results of the murder investigation of the Hero of the DPR colonel Arseniy Pavlov.

There are findings of the Ministry of State Security, which state that the Arseniy’s murder is nothing but the act of terror of the Ukrainian side. And if you ask yourself why it is necessary, there are a number of reasons. You should link this terror attack to whose events that run parallel – attempts of the attack in the South of the DPR, failure to comply with the agreement of disengagement of military forces. Motorola’s murder is a link in this chain. The goal is to destabilize the situation in the Republic, a kind of distraction in order to justify a default on obligations in terms of Minsk agreements,” the parliamentary speaker said.

Also, Denis Pushilin told about expectations of today’s meeting of Normandy Four during the programme.

“We need political decisions, which, we hope, will be made after this meeting. We are not waiting for a miracle. Poroshenko is not able and does not want to implement agreements. His aim is to drag out the process as long as possible and to survive, retaining the power due to the fact that local shelling and provocations will continue. It is an argument for him, reason of economic decline, lack of quality improvement of citizens’ lives etc.

We hope that Europe, particularly France and Germany, will put pressure on Kiev and it will begin to carry out its commitments,” Denis Pushilin summed up.

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