Denis Pushilin tells about results of negotiations in Minsk (video)

Chairman of the People’s Council, permanent plenipotentiary representative of the DPR in the Trilateral contact group Denis Pushilin told about the results of Minsk negotiations in an exclusive interview to the DPR Ministry of Information.

Denis Pushilin stressed that the representatives of the People’s Republic have no illusions with regard to observance of human rights by Ukraine and the fulfillment of Minsk agreements.

 “The necessity of Minsk negotiations is to show, on the one hand, our desire for peace and, on the other, the inability and unwillingness of Ukraine to negotiate and comply with the terms of signed documents. Any good undertakings, all the peace initiatives are dissolved and started talking by the Ukrainian side efforts. That is all what Ukraine was doing for this year is the delay, sabotage and disruption of the negotiation process,” Denis Pushilin said.


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