Denis Pushilin: The longer Ukraine fails to comply with Minsk agreements, the further Donbass withdraws (video)

Prolongation of Ukraine’s law on the special status of the Donbass would be the best solution at this time, said the Chairman of the People’s Council, the Permanent Plenipotentiary Representative of the DPR to the Contact Group at the talks in Minsk Denis Pushilin in the “Senate” programme on the “Russia-24” channel.

The DPR Speaker of Parliament expressed doubts over the possibility of Ukraine to continue the law on the special status of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics’ territories in the current political situation.

“The chances that Ukraine will overcome the obstacles that it has built for itself to prolong this law, unfortunately, are small. I’m facing reality. I see how negotiators from Ukraine behave within the framework of the Minsk meetings. The positions voiced by the president of Ukraine for his western partners and for the domestic audience are very different. In practice, the actions of Ukraine’s representatives are reduced to the fact that they imitate, sabotage (negotiation process – ed.), and expend time.

The political paragraphs of the Minsk agreements have not been fulfilled. Apparently, Ukraine expects a change in the geopolitical situation and for the sake of it Ukraine drags time. However, what Ukraine was counting on has not been happening for three years, and during this period the Republic has learned to do without it. And the longer Ukraine does not comply with the Minsk agreements, the further the Donbass withdraws,” Denis Pushilin said.

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