Denis Pushilin: Ukraine does not want to implement Minsk agreements (video)

The Chairman of the DPR People’s Council, the permanent plenipotentiary representative of the DPR at the Minsk negotiations Denis Pushilin participated in the TV programme “Republic” on TV channel “Union”.

The envoy described the outcome of the negotiations of the humanitarian sub-group in Minsk during the programme.

ʺThe issue of prisoner exchange is one of the most important for us. The complex verification process had been completed, it was hoped to start discussing the specific timing of the exchange, but Ukraine was again complicating the process by making new demands.

The Ukrainian side does not will to work on lists that have already been previously discussed. On numerous occasions, we heard the accusations made by Kiev against international organizations, such as the Red Cross and the United Nations, about allegedly unreliable information concerning detainees,ʺ Denis Pushilin said.

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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