Denis Pushilin: Ukraine drags out process of Minsk agreements’ implementation

The United States began to pay more attention to the armed conflict in the Donbass. So, recently there was received information about a possible visit of the State Department’s Special Representative Kurt Volker to the Donetsk People’s Republic. On July 24, Denis Pushilin, Chairman of the DPR People’s Council, reported about it on the air of the programme “Time will show” on the Russian Channel One.

“I would not exclude the possibility of such a meeting, but it’s worth waiting a little. Based on the rhetoric that we heard from Kurt Volker, he repeats everything that the former US administration said. So far we do not have official information that such a meeting can take place or that someone wants to know our position, find out the cause of the conflict, and most importantly find the opportunities for a peaceful resolution of the conflict,” the DPR envoy to the negotiations in Minsk emphasised.

During the programme, he told what the People’s Republics were expecting from the arrival of the US State Department’s special representative to Ukraine.

“We put hope on Volker in the sense that the situation will move off dead centre slightly, as at the moment Ukraine is only demonstrating its lack of position with regard to the very same “Steinmeier’s formula,” which the “Normandy format” has repeatedly confirmed. Ukraine does not take any steps to resume pensions’ payments, but this is all written down in the Package of Measures,” the Speaker of the Parliament said.

In addition, Denis Pushilin reported on the readiness of the Republics to any version of the change in events.

“Variability is preserved, and we are ready for any development of the events, and while Ukraine continues to drag out the implementation of the Minsk agreements, our citizens live for the day: they work, receive wages, send children to kindergartens, schools, universities,” the envoy concluded.

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