Denis Pushilin: Ukraine wants to occupy Donbass through someone else

Chairman of the DPR People’s Council, Permanent Representative of the DPR to the talks of the Contact Group in Minsk Denis Pushilin in the programme “Time will show” on the Russian First Channel commented on the Wall Street Journal’s information about the plans of the US government to introduce a UN peacekeeping mission to the Donbass.

According to the publication, the US government intends to test Moscow’s readiness to end the Ukrainian conflict and will seek Russia’s consent to deploy 20,000 “blue helmets” in the territory of the People’s Republics.

“Perhaps the biggest surprise in connection with this statement was experienced by representatives of the OSCE mission working in Donetsk. They immediately began to speculate from a practical point of view: “It’s almost 50 people per each! Where will they live, how are they going to move around?”

Seriously, this statement raises a lot of questions. I think that everyone understands that 20 thousand people are a huge number, and we want to understand why this is all started.

Assessing in general the activities of a UN mission and contingent, everyone understands its essence in their own way. When Russia submitted its resolution, it implied the cessation of hostilities, so that people would no longer die. For us, this position is absolutely understandable, and we supported it. Because the OSCE SMM is not able to confront provocations on the line of contact. The maximum that they can do is to record the shelling. The position of Ukraine is to occupy the Donbass with someone else’s hands, introducing peacekeepers not only on the demarcation line, but throughout the territory of the People’s Republics,” Denis Pushilin said.

According to the envoy, such a large contingent is able to create a number of difficulties in the work of the authorities of the People’s Republics. In addition, Denis Pushilin emphasized the importance of using agreements within the existing formats.

“Peacekeepers in the amount of 20 thousand people will be a problem not because they will find Russian troops that everybody has been looking for and never found. With their presence, they can block the activities of the republican authorities, on whose work a huge number of people depend.

We need to return to what we already have – the Minsk agreements, the Contact Group, the “Normandy format”, which guarantee us a peaceful settlement of the conflict,” Denis Pushilin stressed.

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