Denis Pushilin visits Farewell Bell in Makeevka lyceum “Leader”

On May 26, the Chairman of the People’s Council of the DPR Denis Pushilin visited the Farewell Bell in Makeyevka lyceum №1 “Leader”. The mayor of Makeyevka Valery Lyakhovets participated in the event.

In his greeting speech the Chairman of the People’s Council of the DPR congratulated pupils on the occasion of the Farewell Bell and gave a parting word to graduates of the lyceum.

“Dear pupils and teachers, I congratulate all of you on a fine holiday of the Farewell Bell! I’d like to address graduates. Guys, new doors are open for you, as well as new opportunities. You received the base in lyceum on which you will adjust new skills and the opportunities which you will get in higher educational institutions. I wish you not to stop dreaming, believe in yourself, be optimists. Remember, the whole world is open for you!” Denis Pushilin said.

The mayor of Makeyevka Valery Lyakhovets thanked teaching staff and pupils of “Leader” lyceum for collective work, persistence and a responsible approach to education.

“Today you are really a leading institution of Makeyevka, and we are proud of the most talented, gifted and successful students, the intellectual potential of our city. I am grateful to the teachers and pupils for your collective work, for the great number of victories and achievements, new ideas and initiatives, prizes, which lyceum  is famous for”, Valery Lyakhovets thanked.

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