Denis Pushilin visits opening of International Festival of Donbass Youth

On January 25, the opening of the International Festival of Donbass Youth was held in the Donetsk hotel complex Shakhtar Plaza. The event was attended by the Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Denis Pushilin. Also the opening of the festival was attended by Acting Minister of Education and Science Larisa Polyakova, Acting Minister of Culture Mikhail Zheltyakov, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Natalia Nikonorova, and Acting Minister of Youth Policy, Sports and Tourism Alexander Gromakov.

The festival was opened by Natalia Volkova, the head of the central executive committee of the Donetsk Republic public movement, after reading the congratulatory address of the DPR Head, Alexander Zakharchenko.

“First of all, I congratulate all those present on Student’s Day – Tatyana Day! It is very significant that we are holding the Festival of Donbass Youth today. Today’s festival has gathered the most active and creative part of our youth. We hold such an event for the first time, but I am sure that such large-scale events in the Republic will be regular.

The best students, creative teams and student teams, young scientists and teachers not only from the Donetsk People’s Republic, but also from a territory temporarily controlled by Ukraine take part in the Festival of Donbass Youth. We also welcome guests from the Russian Federation.

I am sure that all of you will learn a lot from this event. You can directly communicate with each other, share your projects, discuss prospects for development of the Donbass. And it is very important that all events will take place in a direct dialogue between the youth and representatives of the DPR power.

Congratulations to all participants of the festival, and I wish everyone fruitful work!” says the text of the congratulatory address.

In an exclusive commentary to the press service of the People’s Council Denis Pushilin noted the need for direct communication of young people from the Donbass and the Russian Federation.

“This event allows the youth of the Donbass to communicate with our guests. Let me remind you that, with the assistance of the Russian Center, there were arrivals from the regions of the Russian Federation of young children who expressed a desire to participate in all the thematic venues – they are all quite interesting. And this shows the real integration of the Donbass with the Russian Federation.

For us, integration with Russia is one of the areas we are focusing on. In this way we are destroying the myth of an unbearable life as a result of the blockade of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, created by our neighborus, which violate the Minsk agreements. Their attempts to make the lives of our citizens worse will not succeed,” Denis Pushilin stressed.

The organizers of the festival were the Ministry of Education and Science of the DPR, as well as the public organization “Young Republic”. The number of participants was more than a thousand people, of them – about a hundred students from the territory of the Donbass, temporarily controlled by Ukraine. Some of the students are currently studying in the universities of the Republic, and many young people came specifically to take part in the festival. In addition, students from the Russian Federation arrived, students from the Lugansk People’s Republic also attended the event. The event is held within the framework of the Humanitarian Programme for the reunification of the Donbass people.

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