Denis Pushilin visits the republican competitions “Race of Heroes” (photographic report)

On June, 22 the republican military and patriotic sports competitions “Race of Heroes” among youth of the Donetsk People’s Republic take place in Donetsk. The event was visited by the Chairman of People’s Council of the DPR Denis Pushilin and the Minister of Sport, Youth and Tourism of DPR Mikhail Mishin.

Denis Pushilin noted the symbolism of the event and its importance for promoting love for the country in the young generation of  Republic.

“It is very symbolic that the competition is being held today. As you know, on June, 22 1941 our country was attacked. Unfortunately, the war has returned to our land, and it is not over yet. However, those fighters who are now at the contact line are able to hold off our enemy.

We have people to be proud of. Our ancestors had once expelled the fascist scum, but today, having taken the weapon in hands, our militia men has thrown their weight behind their own native land, not willing to honour fascist values and ideals on our land”, Denis Pushilin noted.

Republican military and patriotic sports competitions “Race of Heroes” are held in commemoration of the day of the Great Patriotic War’s beginning. At the end of the competition the winning teams, which will be headed by Denis Pushilin and Mikhail Mishin, will be able to take part in similar competitions in the Crimea.

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