Denis Pushilin: We managed to balance work of People’s Council (video)

Summarizing the work of the DPR parliament, the Chairman of the People’s Council Denis Pushilin in the programme “Theme” on the Union TV channel noted the fundamental differences in the work of the legislative branch of the government from the activities of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

“We are now on a completely different level. The most terrible thing for our parliament was to become an analogue of the Verkhovna Rada, where instead of adopting laws useful to citizens and defending their interests, we see decision-making on issues for narrow business groups and hysteria associated with the absolutely useless and senseless blocking of the rostrum, if something does not go according to their scenario. We have gone very far from this.

If you remember the year 2014, back then there were different situations. Decisions that were made in the People’s Council, everyone was either ok with them or they [decisions] were compromise. We may have disagreements about the stages of the way, but we have the same ultimate goal. And we have a common enemy, which is on the other side of the contact line. All this helped to balance the work of the People’s Council, and now we are working to improve efficiency and improve the work.

We had a Coordination Council, it was for us know-how. All the main issues, disputes, we discuss there, as well as in committees. The most important thing is that the bills are prepared for the plenary session in such a way that everyone is happy. That is, in fact, the meeting only needs voting and putting the law into effect at its own level, and then sending it to the Head of the Republic for signature,” Denis Pushilin said.

According to the Chairman of the People’s Council, one of the significant normative legal acts adopted due to the requests of the citizens of the DPR was the Law “On Amending Article 436 of the Law of the Donetsk People’s Republic “On Customs Regulation in the Donetsk People’s Republic.” Its adoption allowed solving the problems associated with customs clearance of cars and significantly reduced social tension.

In addition, the speaker of the parliament stressed the increased level of interaction between the legislative and executive branches of power and shared information about the work of the Russian Centre.

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