Denis Pushilin: Work of Russian Center aimed at revealing potential of cooperation with Russia’s regions (video)

Thanks to the work of the Russian Center, the Donetsk People’s Republic establishes not only cultural ties with the regions of the Russian Federation, but also creates a basis for joint work in the sphere of economy, the Chairman of the People’s Council, the head of the Russian Center, Denis Pushilin, said in an interview for the correspondent of a DPR’s official website.

“The Integration Programme in general and the work of the Russian Center in particular are aimed at revealing the potential of cooperation with the regions of Russia. At this stage, there is a socio-cultural interaction that helps us establish friendly ties with various regions, on the basis of which, we hope, a springboard for business development on a mutually beneficial basis will form,” Denis Pushilin said.

According to him, one of the most important directions in the work of the Russian Center is the patriotic education of the youth.

“We have no right to admit such a mistake, as Ukraine did in its time. The Ukrainian government did not pay due attention to the youth, and the youth found things to do. And if you consider that this is a part of the population most influential from the outside, and also because of age, the most rebellious part of the population, then the youth has become an important link in the coup d’etat that took place in Ukraine. Having lost youth, the Ukrainian government allowed the so-called “revolution of dignity” to take place. We remember Odessa, we remember the burnt people, we remember selfies of young guys and girls against the scorched corpses. This is abnormal, and this is the result of a failed work with young people. We cannot afford this kind of thing.

Also patriotic education is relevant in Russia, where everything is at a higher level. Russia pays attention to the youth. We have much to learn from them, but our youth also have something to share with them,” the Chairman of the People’s Council emphasized.

In addition, Denis Pushilin told about the nearest plans for the Russian Center’s work.

“Now the main task is to bring the entire Integration Programme to a new level with the help of a number of steps. Thanks to all the events organized by us, we will carry out the task set for the Russian Center by the Head of the Republic Alexander Zakharchenko,” the head of the Russian Center summarized.

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