Denis Pushilin’s comment on Contact group’s videoconference’s results

At the initiative of the Donetsk People’s Republic the meeting of participants of Contact group in the videoconference mode has taken place today. The main question of a meeting was discussion of firing’s consequences of Donetsk on the night of December 8, as a result of which houses, the gas pipeline and power lines have been damaged, civilians were affected.

JССС, SMM the OSCE’s reports and preliminary conclusions of public commission, investigating the incident, confirmed the use of projectiles of 122 mm caliber, as well as the direction of fire. The data from these reports indicate the fault of Ukraine to the shelling of the Kuibyshevsky district.

But here the Ukrainian side has also shown the ability to juggle with facts, distort reality and evade responsibility.

Thus, in the course of the videoconference it was proposed by the the next meeting in Minsk as part of the security sub-group to develop and implement mechanisms to prevent attacks in the future. Our initiative was welcomed and supported by the OSCE SMM and representatives of the LPR and the Russian Federation. The only ones who refused to seek solutions to contain the fire and punish the guilty parties were the representatives of Ukraine. And this is despite repeated statements by Leonid Kuchma, about the need to punish those who, breaking the “silence mode” fires civilian cities.

To avoid aggravation of the military situation on the eve of New Year and Christmas holidays, we call upon the OSCE special monitoring mission to take all measures to minimize disturbance by the parties of “regime of silence.”

Denis Pushilin, the permanent plenipotentiary representative of the DPR at negotiations of Trilateral contact group in Minsk

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