Denis Pusilin congratulates Republic’s inhabitants on third anniversary of DPR proclamation

On April 7, in the session hall of the Government House, in which the Declaration on the Sovereignty of the Donetsk People’s Republic was adopted three years ago, and the State Independence Act was signed, the Chairman of the People’s Council Denis Pushilin congratulated the inhabitants of the Republic on the anniversary of the DPR proclamation.

“Dear friends, colleagues and team-mates! I sincerely congratulate you on this date. Three years have passed, and during this period, so many events have happened both joyful and tragic.

We did not expect that all the weapons available to Ukraine would be used against us and a full-fledged civil war would be unleashed. But we are absolutely sure that we were right and could not do otherwise.

I am confident that the victories that we will share with the country that supports us in our choice, that is Russia, are ahead of us. Happy holiday, friends!” Denis Pusilin congratulated.

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