Deputies congratulate staff of Torez mine “Progress” with opening of longwall restored after shelling of AFU

On August 24, 2016, in Thorez in the “Progress” mine of the state entity of “Torezantratsit” the commissioning of the fifth longwall of the southern panel № 3 of “Fominsky” bank took place. Deputies of the People’s Council of the DPR from “Donetsk Republic” fraction Alexander Yarovikov and Oleg Glebov participated in an official opening ceremony.

At the beginning of the event the director of the mine “Progress” Alexander Klimenchuk addressed the guests with a welcome speech.

“Today, we witness a significant event – for the second time we hand over the fifth longwall of the southern flow №3. The longwall has been mounted for the first time in February 2013, has worked until  July 28, 2014, until it was de-energized due to shelling by Ukrainian forces. As a result, the datum line has accumulated nearly one million cubic meters of water, pumping out of which began in September of last year. The company launched the coal production in December of 2015. I would say that at the time the longwall was stable, average figures over the last month ranged from 30 to 32 thousand tons of coal. We hope that its rebirth will be even more successful.

To date, all the equipment that has been extracted after the bombing was returned to the system, the sections are fundamentally repaired. As they say, everything is in our hands: we will reclaim the honourable title which we owned previously and will adequately continue our work!” Alexander Klimenchuk promised.

The Acting Minister of Coal and Energy of the DPR Edward Golenko in his congratulatory remarks recalled the time when he worked at the state enterprise “Torezantratsit.”

“I am pleased that the commissioning of the reconstructed londwall took place on the eve of our professional holiday. It is doubly pleasant and very exciting for me personally that I’m back in my hometown, in the mother company – mine “Progress.” I’m happy for the workers so much! Just glad that the company operates, that there is a prospect, that it is possible not only to discuss future plans but also to work hard.

I congratulate you with the revival of the “Progress” mine! I think we will work not only on the indices of 1200 tons per day, but of two or more tons. I’m sure that Torez citizens will be able to reach even 4 thousand tons by the end of the year. And we, in turn, will make every effort to this.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the longwall run. I express my gratitude to you and wish fulfillment of your plans. May God grant you all good luck and health!” Eduard Golenko wished.

The deputy Alexander Yarovikov on behalf of the DPR People’s Council gave the director of enterprise a souvenir gift – a small copy of the Mertsalov’s palm tree – and recalled its symbolism.

“On behalf of the People’s Council, we want to pass on to the labor collective of the mine “Progress” Mertsalov’s palm tree. It symbolizes the steel industry and the coal industry, unity and purposefulness. The strong roots of wrought product that go into the ground are a symbol of power, strength and wealth of our native land, its steel indomitable character,” Alexander Yarovikov said.

In turn, the deputy Oleg Glebov thanked the miners for their hard and noble work.

“Today, we are present at a truly remarkable event – the opening of a new longwall of the “Progress” mine. We know more than anyone else, how hard your labor is, as we were miners in the past.

A huge thank you for working in conditions of war and trying to start production at the benefit of the Republic. In spite of the war, in which we live, you fearlessly perform really hard work, work tirelessly to increase coal production, devote yourself fully to the profession. Miner is a vocation, it is the honour and pride of the Donetsk People’s Republic. You are our heroes!” Oleg Glebov said.

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