Deputies continue working on law project “On anti-sectarian security measures”

On September 14, 2016, another meeting of the Committee of the DPR People’s Council on public associations and religious organizations took place. There were debates on a bill “On anti-sectarian security measures” during the meeting.

According to the chairman of the special-purpose committee Alexander Malkov, the main task of this project is a prevention of sects’ activities and an emergence of sectarianism in the Republic.

“For the most part, we are focused on establishing measures, which will prevent all sorts of abuse in religious activity. At the first stage, carrying out an expert examination and a refusal to registration religious organizations, which are sectarian ones, may be the measure of verification and restriction. Therefore, we will protect our people from possible encroachments on their freedom of conscience and religion that will keep the society in a healthy and progressive state.

For that to happen, we are drafting the law called “On anti-sectarian security measures”. It will be a sort of continuation of the DPR’s law “On freedom of conscience and religious associations” that already has been adopted in the second reading and has come into force. Currently, it is important for us to understand an overall picture and a state of affairs with public and religious associations in our Republic. To do this, we are collecting information about the social situation. It will serve public and state security,” Alexander Malkov said.

Also, the preparation for the next meeting of the working group of the Committee on Public Associations and Religious Organizations on September 21, 2016, about “anti-sectarian security measures” was discussed. The representatives of the Education, Science and Culture Committee, Security and Defense Committee, relevant ministries and departments of the Republic were invited to the meeting.

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