Deputies discuss accommodation of Internally displaced persons and citizens who lost their homes as result of armed hostilities

On October 11, a regular meeting of the People’s Council’s interim committee on distribution of humanitarian aid and work of the committees not included in the DPR Council of Ministers the structure, during which deputies discussed a number of issues related to the placement of Internally displaced persons in the hostels owned by the some departments, took place.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Donetsk City Administration and the DPR’s General Prosecutor’s Office. During the meeting the issues related with a possibility of deputies’ involvement in participation in the committee for verification of temporary accommodation in the city of Donetsk were discussed.

“The main focus in the discussion at today’s meeting was a need to review the conditions and Internally displaced persons lodgings. At the moment, most of the people live in the departmental dormitories. For example, the Ministry of Education has requested the interim commission with a request to solve the issue of granting displaced people other place of residence, as in connection with the beginning of the academic year students and pupils need to settled in universities’ dormitories,” the Chairman of the interim commission Alla Barkhatnova said.

Also, members of parliament tabled issue of about the putting on federal registration of all persons who lost their homes or were forced to leave in connection with the fighting in the territory of the DPR.

“Together with the representatives of the Donetsk City Administration and the General Prosecutor’s Office, we have come to believe that for the effective implementation of the objectives we should clearly define the government body that will be authorized to collect the information required in the cities and regions of the Republic, its distribution and classification, as well as issues relating to the provision of shelter and other assistance to displaced people,” Alla Barkhatnova concluded.

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