Deputies from “Donetsk Republic” faction present annual report on work of electoral districts

On December 8, a meeting of the “Donetsk Republic” faction took place in the DPR People’s Council, where parliamentarians presented annual reports for 2016 on the work of electoral districts.

According to the adopted agenda, Head of the faction Alexander Kostenko made an introductory statement.

ʺDuring the discussion of reports presented by deputies, we will be able to focus on a problem area, share experience of already resolved issues and sum up the results of the work over the year,ʺ Alexander Kostenko said.

Deputy Viktor Petrovich emphasized that one of the main goals is to improve the quality of education.

ʺDonetsk People’s Republic will develop only if people develop, and our goal is to explain to citizens of our Republic that our ideals are being introduced now under conditions of war and confrontation against Donbass. The main attention should be given to the education sector, which will allow training the future generation of politicians and managers, who will take control of the state one day,ʺ the parliamentarian said.

According to deputy Angelica Dobros, there has been a positive development in the electoral districts.

ʺThe most frequently asked questions of citizens are related to social benefits, provision of solid fuel and housing reconstruction after shelling. To the best of our ability, we are trying to decide problems of our citizens as quickly and effectively as we can. Slowly but surely, we provide momentum to issues and, as a result, we manage to help a growing number of people who need help,ʺ Angelica Dobros said.

Also, Deputy Alexander Kurenkov added that every electoral district had its own unique topical issues, which require particular attention.

ʺI am a deputy of the 27th district in Torez and there are quite different issues compared to our border regions. Household activities and communal services have been restored there after hostilities and it is a merit of our major,ʺ Alexander Kurenkov said.

Head of the “Donetsk Republic” faction Alexander Kostenko said that there was a need to establish unified mechanism to optimize the work of deputies in the electoral districts.

ʺAs has been said, the number of citizens’ communications has considerably decreased, that is, similar issues can be resolved by established mechanisms. This is true with regard to problems of social benefits, services of housing and communal services and provision of solid fuel. We need to develop such mechanisms for every citizens’ communications, which are numerous,ʺ Alexander Kostenko summed up.

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