Deputy Marina Zheynova comments on reforms in tax regulations

The DPR People’s Council deputy, the Chairperson of the Committee on Budget, Finance and Economic Policy, Marina Zheynova, in an interview with the official website of the Donetsk People’s Republic, told about the latest changes that have affected the tax legislation and the activities of the Ministry of Inland Revenue of the DPR.

The parliamentarian noted that in accordance with the latest amendments to the current legislation, duties against poultry meat and fuel excise tax rates were reduced. In addition, the deputy reported on the transfer of assets of state-owned enterprises to relevant departments and the abolition of security forces, which were subordinate to the Ministry of Inland Revenue.

“The security forces have been excluded from the subordination of the Inland Revenue Ministry, and now it is engaged exclusively in fiscal functions. In addition, the state enterprise “Water of Donbass” was transferred to the relevant ministry, which is logical.

Business gained great relief in the payment of taxes. For example, this concerns the initiative related to tax amnesty, which was supported by Denis Pushilin. Its essence lies in the fact that if a business entity before December 1, 2018 declares all of its taxable income, then it will not be imposed fines and penalties for possible errors and omissions.

The Law on Social Protection of Family Members of Perished Servicemen of the DPR was adopted and entered into force. In accordance with it, this category of citizens will be exempted from payment of utility bills. A Decree on debt restructuring for citizens who have accumulated debts for heat or other utilities has been signed,” Marina Zheynova noted.

In conclusion, the deputy added that the leadership of the Republic plans to control the pricing of socially important goods and products at the legislative level.

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