Deputy Sergey Sverchkov reports upcoming checks at checkpoints

DPR People’s Council deputy Sergey Sverchkov in an interview with a correspondent of DNR Live told about the intention to initiate a check of the checkpoints for the availability of preferential queues.

“The Head of State instructed the law enforcement agencies and customs in three days to create a preferential queue at the checkpoint for regular departures from the territory of bus stations. Since August 13, I, as a passenger, will travel these buses in a number of directions and see if a preferential queue has been created,” Sergey Sverchkov said.

He also added that on Thursday, August 16, a meeting of the People’s Council Committee for Transport and Communications will be held, to which representatives of the DPR Head will be invited, as well as representatives of the MGB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, customs and the Interim Commission for the front-line areas.

“At the meeting, I will voice what I saw: if there is a preferential queue or not, did the agencies that were instructed with the task of creating a preferential line succeed”, the deputy said.

Let us remind you that on August 8, the Head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, held a working meeting with the heads of law enforcement agencies. One of the main topics of the meeting was the unsatisfactory work of the checkpoints. The Head of the Republic instructed the Ministry of Inland Revenue to organize a preferential queue for official carriers at checkpoints. The order was given after a relevant appeal of DPR People’s Council deputy Sergey Sverchkov.

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