Deputy Sergey Sverchkov tells about changes made in public transport schedule (video)

The DPR People’s Council deputy Sergey Sverchkov commented on changes in public transportation connected with the reduction of curfew hours in a “Week’s Highlights” TV programme on “Oplot TV” TV channel.

ʺThe city administration, which determines the time of the public transport’s last route, is regulating the public transportation. I think that the time schedule of public transportation will be extended in the near future due to the order of the Head of the Republic on the reduction of curfew hours in all human settlements of the DPR.

As for taxis, we do not have services that have their own taxi companies. All the cars involved belong to self-employed carriers and they themselves determine the length of a working day and when it ends. However, these working hours should be within the time allowed by curfew,ʺ a deputy said.

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