Deputy Sergey Zavdoveyev comments on deterioration of crime rate in Ukraine

The internal political situation in Ukraine is becoming increasingly uncontrollable to the country’s official leadership, deputy of the DPR People’s Council Sergey Zavdoveyev told the press service of the People’s Council.

“Terrorist acts, weapons on the streets, harassment, intimidation and murder are realities of the prevailing domestic political situation in Ukraine. But the worst thing is that this situation is no longer controlled by the country’s government.

Pursuing their own selfish goals in the struggle for power and influence, in the fight against the rebellious Donbas, Ukrainian politicians forgot their primary task – to serve the people and take care of it. Now the very mechanism of terror created by them has spread throughout the ROU – the rest of Ukraine,” the parliamentarian said.

We recall, on June 10, an unknown person blew up a grenade at a nightclub in Sumy. On the same day, an explosive device was discovered in the central market in the Kherson region.

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