Deputy Speaker Olga Makeeva sums up results of work of “Children of Republic” assistance programme aimed to help children living nearfrontline zone

The meeting, where the results of the assistance programme for children, who live near the frontline zone, were summed up, took place on December 28. The Deputy Chairman of DPR People’s Council Olga Makeeva presented a report of the work done. The event was attended by deputies of the People’s Council Tatyana Dvoryadkina, Claudia Kulbatskaya, Sergey Makeev, representatives of Ministries and Departments of the DPR, private and state enterprises, as well as creative teams, which participated in this programme.

The Deputy Speaker of the DPR’s parliament thanked all those who had helped children in this programme in 2016.

“During this time, you have done a vital and useful work. You take care of our children, their all-round development, cultural and aesthetic education and, most importantly, you take care of child’s psycho-emotional health.

Children are the highest value, they are the future of our Republic and we, adults, should take care of it. 57 excursions have been arranged during 2016, in which about 3000 children from the frontline zone of our Republic took part,” Olga Makeeva said.

The Deputy Speaker of the DPR’s parliament, on behalf of the DPR People’s Council, presented certificates of honour to the programme participants. Also, postcards made by children, who participated in this programme, were presented to the programme participants.

Parliamentarians, representatives of Ministries, organizations, cultural institutions and creative teams expressed a desire to continue the implementation of the “Children of the Republic” programme in 2017.

In conclusion, Olga Makeeva congratulated those present on the upcoming New Year and Christmas.

“Traditionally, I wish you all good health, family well-being, lots of interesting events and positive emotions, inspiration and new professional achievements.

I am sure that the upcoming new 2017 year will be as fruitful and interesting as 2016 and it will bring a long-awaited peace and prosperity to our land!” the Deputy Chairman of DPR People’s Council said in her congratulatory speech.

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