“Donetsk Republic” faction holds meeting dedicated to results of work for 2016

On December 29, the meeting of the “Donetsk Republic” faction, where parliamentarians discussed the results of the work for 2016, was held in the DPR People’s Council.

The Head of the faction Alexander Kostenko told about the modernization of faction’s work.

“Currently, many mechanisms of interaction between deputies of the “Donetsk Republic” faction and voters continue to be improved. Also, there are changes in the coverage of activities of the parliamentarians,” Alexander Kostenko said.

The parliamentarians discussed topical issues regarding the registration procedure and receipt of humanitarian assistance, medicines, coal and issues related to the interaction of the deputies with representatives of local administrations.

According to the Head of the faction, the social protection of citizens, the stabilization of the economy and protection of the Republic’s interests as a whole have been priorities for 2016.

“Despite the ongoing hostilities, the “Donetsk Republic” faction continues to improve the legislative basis, to implement new standards and to sustain the livelihood of population.

Constructive and seamless interaction with executive authorities will be one of the priority areas identified by the deputies of the “Donetsk Republic” faction for the next year,” Alexander Kostenko said.

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