“Donetsk Republic” faction holds meeting devoted to organizational issues

On November 22, a meeting of the “Donetsk Republic” faction, where the main directions of deputies’ work were announced, took place. The Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Vladimir Bidyovka outlined the procedure of handling applications from citizens and interaction with the mass media.

ʺDeputies have the right to make their own proposals on any issue during the faction’s meetings. For instance, on amending legislation, working in districts. But after the faction takes a collegial decision, each member of our team must defend it in a reasoned manner.

It is recommended to consult with the subject-matter experts of the People’s Council, when compiling the answers to the citizens’ appeals, as well as in interaction with the mass media,ʺ the Parliamentary Speaker underlined.

During the meeting, the Deputy Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Olga Makeyeva described the priority directions of the parliament.

ʺThe deputies should prepare themselves for working in temporary commissions, which have a respectable history, in responsive manner. Effective feedback is established with their help.

It is necessary to seriously approach the work at such platforms as “People’s Club”, where the representatives of a scientific community are present. We are planning to discuss tax legislation and review examples of its implementation in world practice at the next meeting.

Special attention should be paid to the work in the districts. It should be reminded that the deputies of the People’s Council of I Convocation held more than 14,000 receptions of citizens. In particular, it concerns the provision of assistance to the population, educational and medical institutions.

The organization of cultural, social, sports and other events should also be scheduled. There have been about six and a half thousand events over the past four years,ʺ the Vice-Speaker of the parliament reported.

According to the Head of the “Donetsk Republic” faction Valery Skorokhodov, deputies will have to pay attention to the arrangement of reception offices in the districts assigned to them.

ʺYou can start undertaking preparatory work to organize the receptions of citizens in the districts. It is necessary to equip reception, including for reception of people with physical disabilities. Necessary state symbols, information stands will be provided.

Establish interaction with local authorities. With their help, you will organize the gatherings of citizens and meeting with labour collectives. Each of you is obliged to supervise the process of informing the local population about schedule and addresses of receptions of citizens. Also you will be assisted by the heads of district executive committees of the public movement “Donetsk Republic”.

I would like to call your attention to the compliance with ethnic and moral standards of conduct,ʺ Valery Skorokhodov addressed his colleagues.

The Deputy Head of the “Donetsk Republic” Natalia Pshenichnaya invited the deputies to consider the possibility of participation in provisional commissions.

ʺI invite parliamentarians to participate in the formation and subsequent work of the provisional commissions after the approval of the quantitative and personal composition of the relevant committees, which will take place on 23 November.

In addition, a technical training course will be organized for new representatives of the deputy corps,ʺ Natalia Pshenichnaya said.

At the end of the event, a discussion took place, during which the deputies from the “Donetsk Republic” faction were able to pose their questions to the management.

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