DPR and LPR Parliament Speakers hold joint press conference in Debaltsevo

On June 15, Debaltsevo hosted a joint press conference of the Chairmen of the DPR and LPR People’s Councils Denis Pushilin and Denis Miroshnichenko. The event took place within the framework of the official visit of the Lugansk People’s Republic’s delegation to the Donetsk People’s Republic to participate in a workshop on the development of interparliamentary cooperation.

According to Denis Pushilin, inter-parliamentary cooperation between the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics is necessary to achieve common goals that were declared in the national referendums on the self-determination of the DPR and the LPR in 2014.

“We see a great potential in this (in interparliamentary interaction – ed.), therefore we need to exchange experience. Before us there are obligations to our citizens – this is the social security of Republics’ citizens, and, of course, we cannot do without synchronizing the legislative base of the Republics. Without a clear understanding of how we will develop, what a strategy will be, we cannot reach to the results that we would like to have on the home stretch, not to the results we sought in 2014 and which are so important for all of us,” Denis Pushilin underlined.

Denis Miroshnichenko, in turn, noted that the decision to strengthen interparliamentary ties was taken to coordinate the efforts of the two highest legislative bodies.

“Today is a very significant day for the two fraternal republics, and it is very pleasant that we are already entering a new level of relations between our parliaments. We, first of all, do this for people, so that people who live in both the DPR and the LPR understand that we are in the same team, shoulder to shoulder, and the problems that exist in our territories are easier to solve together,” said the Speaker of the LPR Parliament.

He also said that the next meeting of representatives of the People’s Councils of ally states will take place in the Lugansk People’s Republic in the upcoming autumn.

“This is the first meeting in the Donetsk land, the next one – we can already voice it – will be held in autumn in Lugansk,” Denis Miroshnichenko informed.

Denis Pushilin specified that the interparliamentary cooperation is planned to be implemented in two main directions, for the implementation of which the parliaments of the two countries will create a joint working group.

“The first thing is the synchronization of legislative bases. The second is the development of new draft laws, which should be very similar, if not identical, based on our responsibility for the social component for our citizens. I’ll give you a concrete example. We now have different opinions regarding the law on the customs clearance of cars that come from different countries to us. This is not entirely correct. And it is the working group that should come to a consensus,” Denis Pushilin said.

He added that the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics have much in common, including many common problems that need to be resolved jointly.

“We have similar situations. We have no one closer than the LPR. And synchronization between Donetsk and Lugansk is very important for us,” the Speaker of the DPR Parliament summed up.

Earlier, on May 12, during the trip to Lugansk of the official delegation of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the Chairmen of the DPR and LPR People’s Councils discussed the development of interparliamentary cooperation. Then Denis Pushilin informed about the plans of the highest legislative bodies’ representatives of the fraternal Republics to hold a joint working meeting.

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