DPR delegation attends celebrations on occasion of Republic Day of South Ossetia

On September 20, the delegation of the Donetsk People’s Republic, headed by Head of State Denis Pushilin, visited the military parade of the Tskhinvali garrison on the occasion of Republic Day of South Ossetia.

In his welcoming speech, the President of the Republic of South Ossetia, Anatoly Bibilov, thanked the officials and residents of the Russian Federation for their assistance in ensuring security and achieving peace.

“In the most difficult moments, Russia’s support gave us hope and aegis. The Russian army brought peace to South Ossetia. Now our unbreakable union with the Russian Federation, sealed with interstate treaties and agreements, allows us to successfully carry out the peaceful development of the country, ensuring the security of our borders,” Anatoly Bibilov said.

In a commentary to the press service of the People’s Council, Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Vladimir Bidyovka expressed his gratitude to the fraternal state for the comprehensive support of the DPR in the seek for creation.

“Today, South Ossetia is celebrating one of the main public holidays – Republic Day.

Back then, 29 years ago, region residents stood up for independence and won the battle for their Republic. Over this time, the state overcame many difficulties, military aggression on the part of Georgia, achieving the main thing – the prosperity of their country, international recognition and peaceful life for every citizen.

Today, the Republic of South Ossetia is developing rapidly, achieving new successes every day. Close in terms of spirit, South Ossetia has become a reliable companion for our young state, the Donetsk People’s Republic. We are grateful for the support and understanding from the Ossetian people and are always ready to support the fraternal Republic in the desire to develop and strengthen its position in the international political arena,” Vladimir Bidyovka noted.

The delegation also attended a festive concert, which took place at the Kosta Khetagurov State Drama Theatre.

DPR Head Denis Pushilin addressed the participants of the event with a congratulatory speech.

“Dear friends, let me congratulate you on behalf of the citizens of the Donetsk People’s Republic. This is really a vast holiday and, of course, if you look at all these years, starting in 1990, South Ossetia has experienced a lot: war, devastation, deprivation and, worst of all, the loss of loved ones and relatives. Donbass, alas, knows what it means to lose beloved ones all too well.

There is one more thing we have in common (an important thing!) is the “Road of Life” with Russia. No doubt, Russia has done and continues to do a lot for the people of South Ossetia. In the same way, the Donetsk People’s Republic receives tremendous political and humanitarian support. It gives strength to move and keep up.

I am convinced that the future of South Ossetia is connected with development and prosperity for all citizens. The people of South Ossetia deserve this. Let me once again sincerely congratulate you on Republic Day and wish you to achieve what the people of Ossetia strive for!” Denis Pushilin said.

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