DPR Inland Revenue Minister answers parliamentarians’ questions submitted during deputies’ receptions

On October 28, 2017, the People’s Council held a roundtable on “Legislative Norms and Practices of Collecting Taxes and Fees in the DPR.”

The event was attended by the Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Denis Pushilin, Deputy Chairman of the DPR Council of Ministers, Minister of Inland Revenue Alexander Timofeyev, as well as deputies of the People’s Council – members of the relevant committees on budget, finance and economic policy; on industry and trade; on environmental management, ecology, subsoil, and natural resources.

Within the framework of the meeting, Alexander Timofeyev answered the questions of the deputies present in the hall.

As a result of the event, Denis Pushilin said that its participants were able to outline a plan for further action to resolve the most urgent issues, requiring a legislative settlement, as soon as possible.

“Today, the parliamentarians asked questions to the DPR Minister of Inland Revenue, Alexander Timofeyev, which were submitted during the parliamentary receptions. He answered them as openly as possible. A number of them do not have a simple solution, but there is already a positive dynamics based on the results of today’s discussion.

For example, when discussing complaints voiced by deputies about collecting debts from the population for the year 2014 for the use of electricity, they came to the conclusion that it was necessary to create a separate commission on this issue in order to understand all the details. Committees of the People’s Council were instructed to work out certain issues that require a decision at the legislative level,” said the DPR Speaker of Parliament.

In addition, he stressed the need to continue work on the interaction of legislative and executive authorities in a similar format.

“This is one of the first roundtables, in which in such an open form it was possible to get answers to the questions. I think that we will hold a series of similar roundtables, we will invite Alexander Timofeyev and other ministers. Many questions today have answers, they just need additional clarification,” Denis Pushilin stated.

In turn, Alexander Timofeyev noted that the event has been held in a friendly atmosphere, which wins over for a joint solution of state issues at the level of the legislative and executive branches of power.

“The issues raised by the deputy corps have logical solutions. We will work in these areas.

Thus, for example, the issue of toughening penalties for corruption was raised. As Minister, I supported this initiative and I am ready to consider any proposals that will not contradict the legislation of the Donetsk People’s Republic. Our task is to reduce the level of corruption to a level where it will not threaten the state.

We can say that today’s discussion was held in a friendly atmosphere,” the minister shared his impressions.

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