Elena Shishkina: ‘Deportation plan for Donbass people’ reaffirms Kiev’s commitment to principles of fascism and Nazism

In an interview with Donetsk News Agency, the chairman of the People’s Council Committee on Criminal and Administrative Law, Elena Shishkina called an attempt to refute the reliability of the “deportation plan for the Donbass people” undertaken by Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Alexey Danilov unsuccessful.

“The best refutation of the “deportation plan for the Donbass people” by the NSDC Secretary and President Zelensky can only be the implementation of clauses of the Set of Measures stipulated by the Minsk agreements, in particular, the granting of special status to Donbass by amending the Constitution of Ukraine. However, even when trying to refute its position with regard to the population of Donbass, official Kiev cynically managed to once again reaffirm its commitment to the principles of fascism and Nazism to the entire international community,” the deputy stated.

The MP noted that for a number of reasons the document is authentic.

“The plan outlined corresponds to the competence of the NSDC, as it is published on the official form identical to other available documents on the website of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. On top of that, it is dated of October 29, which is the day when Zelensky discussed the ‘reintegration’ of Donbass with representatives of the National Security and Defense Council at the investment forum in Mariupol, while in Stanitsa Luganskaya the activities for the disengagement of forces and means began,” Elena Shishkina highlighted.

Besides, the MP denied the argument of Alexey Danilov about the irrelevance of the NSDC address indicated on the form of the document.

“The old street name is also used on letterheads of 2019, although Komandarma Kameneva Street was renamed in 2015 during the “decommunization” and got its name after Pyotr Bolbochan. Therefore, Danilov’s comments withstand no criticism. He does not even know which forms are used by his organization.

The deportation plan for the Donbass people of is basically genocide of residents of the Republics. Not only do the provisions of this “reintegration” project violate human rights and freedoms enshrined in the Ukrainian Constitution, but also the norms of international law,” Elena Shishkina summarized.

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