Elena Shishkina: Lifting of Petro Poroshenko’s parliamentary immunity may cause disappearance of “European solidarity” faction

The election of a Petro Poroshenko’s political party to the Verkhovna Rada should not have a major impact on political processes in the Ukrainian parliament.

First of all, this is connected with a very low rate – 8,67% according to voter rolls and single member districts, which gives a total of 27 seats out of 450. There are great doubts that the parliamentary faction “European Solidarity” will be able to establish a coalition with other factions, as well as to form a temporary situational political union.

Second of all, considering the fact that 14 criminal cases are opened against Petro Poroshenko and he is accused of interfering in the last presidential elections in the United States on Clinton’s side, the future of his party is seriously jeopardized.

The Former Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office of Ukraine Andrey Portnov announces a large number of criminal cases against Poroshenko’s inner circle. If his parliamentary immunity is lifted, there is a possibility for the ex-president of Ukraine to be prosecuted, which may cause the disappearance of the “European Solidarity” faction from the Ukrainian parliament.

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