Elena Shishkina: Ukrainian political elite declares impossibility of implementing Minsk agreements

Deputy of the DPR’s People’s Council Elena Shishkina stressed in her commentary that Ukrainian politicians had been making statements about impossibility of implementing the Minsk agreements with increasing frequency.

ʺDespite a change of the president in Ukraine, negotiations in Minsk in relation to the implementation of the Package of Measures remain frozen. When Leonid Kuchma was appointed as a negotiator in the Contact Group, he could not understand why Kiev had not implemented the Minsk agreements during 5 years. The other day, Kuchma himself stated that their implementation was impossible and Normandy format was a conspiracy against Ukraine. Now, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine voiced Kiev’s position concerning the amnesty of citizens of Donbass,ʺ the deputy said.

ʺIt should be reminded that the Leader of the party “Servant of the People” Razumkov stated the same before. Ukraine’s political elite has already reached collective agreement on the Minsk agreements and it already announces its impossibility to implement. However, the amnesty, special status of Donbass and a constitutional reform are prerequisites for implementing the Minsk agreements, which have a status of international document and must be implemented.

I would like to wish Ukrainian politicians to examine the documents signed by their predecessors and on the execution of which they grandstand so much in Europe,ʺ Elena Shishkina stated.

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