Elena Shishkina: ʺZelensky could stop shelling in Donbass by one decreeʺ (video)

Elena Shishkina noted the absence of real action on the part of the new president of Ukraine, which would take into account the interests of the people of Donbass and the citizens of Ukraine, in her commentary to the official website of the DPR.

ʺOn June 11, Vladimir Zelensky appeared before the Constitutional Court answering a subpoena and underlined that it was the first time when a president of Ukraine had done so and that he was a law-abiding citizen, who respected the judicial system. Given that the judicial system in Ukraine has been in a catastrophic state over the past five years and there is in fact no a government institution and the constitutional rights of citizens are not respected, I can only call it populism, which is aimed at an election campaign of Zelensky’s party “Servant of the People”

He appears before the court to support the law and does nothing to stop shelling in Donbass, lift the blockade of the DPR and the LPR. Unfortunately, a response from the international community to the inaction of Zelensky, who could stop the shelling by Ukraine in Donbass by one decree, is hardly visible. The new president does not find the courage to come to the negotiating table with the people of Donbass and to resolve this conflict peacefully. Currently, all Zelensky’s actions conflict with the interests of the citizens of the DPR and Ukraine,ʺ the deputy said.

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