Elena Shishkina: Zelensky’s statement at meeting with EU’s representatives contradicts international norms and Constitution of Ukraine

The Deputy of the People’s Council Elena Shishkina commented on the outcome of a meeting of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky with the representatives of the European Union in Brussels in an interview to the official website of the DPR.

ʺThe elections of the president of Ukraine took place in March, but the elections had protest votes – people voted not for Zelensky, but against the current president Poroshenko.

However, despite numerous pledges, which were given by the newly elected president in his inaugural speech, the words remained just mere words. He immediately forgot about the promise to end the war in Donbass at any cost, as the daily shelling of Donbass intensified. How can there be a solution to the conflict in Donbass?ʺ the deputy said.

Elena Shishlina underlined that the new Ukrainian president, as his predecessor, embarked on a policy of seeking support from the West.

ʺToday, a meeting with the representatives of the EU took place in Brussels, where he asked Western partners for assistance. It is obvious that it was about military assistance and it was targeted against so-called aggressor country – Russia. These statements of Zelensky in Brussels are in direct contravention of international norms and the Constitution of Ukraine, as Ukraine is not at war with Russia, there are still economic connections between the countries. The president-showman was not concerned about that fact.

Such actions of Zelensky once again demonstrate that he is not the leader of the state. There are numerous amounts of intra-state issues in the country, including devastated economy and corruption, which has spread to the highest spheres of the government. He is more concerned about the support of the EU countries in the military conflict in Donbass and the imposition of tougher sanctions against Russia,ʺ Elena Shishkina said.

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