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Parliamentarians comment on elections of Head of DPR and new members of parliament held on November 11 (video)

On November 12, a joint press conference with the deputies of the DPR People’s Council of the first convocation Vladimir Bidyovka, Yuri Sivokonenko and Alexey Zhigulin, as well as the Head of the Central Executive Committee of the “Donetsk Republic” public movement Natalia Volkova took place in Donetsk. Alexey Zhigulin noted that the elections of November 11 were an achievement of enormous significance for the Donetsk People’s Republic.
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Olga Makeyeva and Vladimir Bidyovka share memories about work of parliament of first convocation

The elections of the Head of the DPR and deputies of the People’s Council of the second convocation took place on November 11. The Deputy Chairman of the DPR People’s Council Olga Makeyeva and Head of the deputy faction “Donetsk Republic” Vladimir Bidyovka spoke of the structure of the parliament and history of its establishment in an exclusive interview to “Parliamentarian Newspaper”.
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