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#Commentary of Ekaterina Martyanova on Ukrainian anti-justice

The Ukrainian judicial system continues to deteriorate due to the total corruption and destructive policy of Kiev. The situation around the tragedy in the Odessa health camp "Victoria", where three children died, is one of the proofs of the insolvency and perniciousness of reforms conducted in the judicial system.
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#Commentary of Marina Zheinova on failure of Ukraine’s budget policy

Not so long ago, the Ukrainian government aimed at reducing the level of the national debt of the country from 72% to 60% of GDP by 2020, and Poroshenko rejoiced at another financial handout of €1 billion, which, incidentally, further tightened the debt loop around the neck of an ordinary Ukrainian . But the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance reports that at present the country is moving in the opposite direction.
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#Commentary of Valery Skorokhodov on another rally in Ukrainian capital

Today, internally displaced persons from Donbass gathered near the Cabinet of Minister of Ukraine and demanded the implementation of a programme called “Affordable Housing”, the essence of which was that the state would undertake to recompense half the cost of purchased housing or a claimant would be provided with mortgage loan with lower interest rates.
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