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#Commentary of Denis Pushilin on need for Contact Group to adopt document that would allow in practice to observe truce

Considering the dynamics of violations of the announced ceasefire regime, the Republics' representatives in the working group on security issues intend to raise again at tomorrow's (July 11, 2018 - ed.) meeting in Minsk the issue of acceptance by the parties to the conflict of the document with an updated list of additional measures to control the ceasefire.
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#Commentary of Alexander Malkov on Poroshenko’s next move to split Orthodox community of Ukraine

In violation of the constitution of Ukraine, Poroshenko continues to interfere in church affairs, seeking to split the Orthodox Christians. It is in this vein that his recent speech in which he declared that Prince Vladimir baptized not Rus', but Ukraine, should be considered. He also expressed confidence that it was then that the "Ukrainian Church" was created, which today should become "independent."
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Valery Skorokhodov: Russian language has never been and will not be ‘enemy language’ on Ukraine’s territory

Former Minister of Communications and Transport of Ukraine Eugeny Chervonenko on air of NewsOne channel has stated that "one must do not underestimate the Russian language", because "the enemy's language should be known better." Deputy of the DPR People's Council Valery Skorokhodov, in a conversation with the Federal News Agency, commented on Chervonenko's statement.
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#Commentary of Vyacheslav Tikhonenkov on lack of necessity to coordinate work schedule of trade organizations with local administrations

Under subparagraph “b”, paragraph 7, part 2, article 9 of the Law “About basic principle of state regulation of trading activity, food service sector and consumer services”, economic entities themselves determine working regime with mandatory prior notification of local governance when organizing and implementing trading activity, with the exceptions established by law.
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