Архив за месяц

February 2019

Parliament Speaker Vladimir Bidyovka hears report of Donetsk Republic public movement on work done over February of this year

On February 28, in the capital of the Republic, in the assembly hall of the Central Executive Committee of the Donetsk Republic public movement, the results of work for February 2019 were summed up. The event was attended by the DPR Chairman of the People’s Council, Vladimir Bidyovka, the head of the Donetsk Republic faction, Valery Skorokhodov, and deputies of the People’s Council.
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#Commentary of Natalia Pshenichnaya on establishment of DPR’s Youth Parliament

One of the most actual tasks, which the authority faces today, is the involvement of youth in the government. This mechanism is in the process of being established, that is why it is necessary to form effective structures to protect the rights and interests of youth. A public, advisory and consulting body in the form of the Youth Parliament will be this structure.
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#Commentary of Maxim Parshin on preparation of Ukraine’s information field to seize temples of canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church

The Ukrainian mass media conduct mass information campaign on alleged violations of citizens’ rights for freedom of religion in the DPR. The reason was the DPR’s law “On freedom of religion and religious communities”, according to which previously existing religious organizations had to provide an authorized body (the Ministry of Culture) with documents for state registration (reregistration) until March 1, 2019 (p.5 art. 32).
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Russian Federation’s Kostroma region delegation pays working visit to Donetsk

On February 26, in the capital of the Republic, a working meeting of the Chairman of the DPR People’s Council, Vladimir Bidyovka, with colleagues from the Kostroma region of the Russian Federation was held. The delegation included deputy of the Kostroma City Duma Dmitry Kudrya, doctor of law, professor, Vladislav Gruzdev, member of the central board of the All-Russian organization "Russian Union of Afghanistan Veterans", Vladimir Vnukov.
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#Commentary of Vladislav Berdichevsky on fakes in media

Today, the problem of information security has become particularly acute. In this regard, I developed and registered in the People’s Council a draft law of the Donetsk People’s Republic “On Amendments to Article 20 of the DPR Law “On Information and Information Technologies” and the DPR Law “On Mass Media””.
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