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#Commentary of Valery Skorokhodov on Zelensky’s press service’s statement about secret ‘road map’ on negotiations in Minsk

President Zelensky's press service explains the secrecy of his "road map" with security reasons. What so they put into this concept for all remains a mystery. Ms. Mendel also reported on some incidents involving the blocking of Zelensky’s initiatives by the other side. She did not specify which side exactly. If she meant the Donbass as a party, then I again have a question: when were the first initiatives and what exactly did our representatives…
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Vladimir Bidyovka and Natalia Volkova take part in Day of Russian Language celebrations

On June 6, in the capital of the Republic, a solemn meeting dedicated to the 220th anniversary of the poet’s birthday was held near the monument to A.S. Pushkin. The event was attended by DPR People’s Council Chairman Vladimir Bidyovka, People’s Council deputy Natalia Volkova, Minister of Culture Mikhail Zheltyakov, and First Deputy Minister of Education and Science Mikhail Kushakov.
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