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Marina Zheinova: Despite Kiev’s desire to exterminate all Donbass inhabitants, we were able to defend our land and freedom

Despite the ongoing hostilities and the economic blockade imposed by Ukraine, we continue to follow the plans that were announced this summer and, with a positive agenda and development of the economic sector, we will achieve a higher level of wages and pensions than the upcoming payrise. This was stated in an interview with the official website of the DPR by the deputy of the DPR People’s Council, Marina Zheinova.
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Roman Lepa: Increase in salaries will allow improving level of social protection of citizens substantially

Republic’s leadership has managed to more than double a minimum amount of pensions over the past five years, which testifies to the fact that the Donetsk People’s Republic continues moving towards its strategic objective – an increase in the welfare of citizens. This was stated by Deputy of the DPR’s People’s Council in an interview to the DPR’s official website.
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