Enterprises’ employees under receivership receive humanitarian aid

On June 14, on the initiative of the DPR Head, Alexander Zakharchenko, the employees of three enterprises, at which the external management was introduced, namely, the Gorlovka state enterprise “Stirol”, the Yenakievo enterprise “Invest-trans” and the Yenakiyevo Coke Processor, were presented with food sets.

The events were attended by the Chairman of the DPR People’s Council, the head of the central executive committee of the OD “Donetsk Republic” Denis Pushilin, the head of the parliamentary faction “Donetsk Republic” Alexander Kostenko, deputies of the DPR People’s Council Vyacheslav Tikhonenkov, Yuri Pokintelitsa, Alexander Bykadorov.

During one of the events Denis Pushilin stressed that the public movement “Donetsk Republic” gives the movement members an opportunity to directly participate in all the processes of state building.

“The public movement “Donetsk Republic” is not only mass and entertainment events. First of all, it is a dialogical platform between the authorities and the people, this is an opportunity to reach the city administration, the authorities.

In Ukraine, we were used to the fact that deputies and ministers are far away in Kiev and it is pointless to wait for help from them. The same situation was with parties that lost their original meaning and became only a mechanism for satisfying the interests of individual oligarchic groups. When we were creating the “Republic of Donetsk”, we deliberately stepped away from the party system,” said the Speaker of the DPR Parliament.

According to Alexander Kostenko, the strength of the people is in its compassion, unity and faith.

“I am very happy to see today people who stayed in their native land, believed in our Republic and continue to believe in it, and I want to assure you: we will definitely cope with all the temporary difficulties. Ukraine constantly demonstrates its “love” to us from the darkest side of it, but we will not give up. We are very lucky with the Head of our state, because he is also a wise commander who never leaves anyone, and an understanding leader who will listen, hear and help everyone.

We are all men from the people, and we are accustomed to helping each other at the most difficult time, this is out strong side,” the head of the parliamentary fraction “Donetsk Republic” stressed.

From her part, the employee of the Yenakiyevo Coke Processor, Elena Ivanova, expressed gratitude to the leadership of the Republic for the assistance rendered.

“I work at the Yenakiyevo Coke Processor as a pumper. After the introduction of the receivership, the work of our enterprise has stabilized in several directions, one of which is the payment of salaries, which cannot but rejoice.

I am a mother of a large family, and from myself and my family I thank the “Donetsk Republic” for their support. I have three children, two of them are very young, so, of course, money is always not enough. But, no matter what, we live, we do not give up. I hope, very soon we will be all right. I wish everyone peace, goodness and prosperity!” said Elena Ivanova.

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